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Privacy Statement

Our mailing address is:

DV Host
1785 O’Brien Road
Ohio 43228

We can be reached via email at [email protected].

Our Site Map is here.

We have developed the following policies to ensure your confidentiality and maintain your confidence in DV Host.

We are firmly committed to the privacy of our clients, and never disclose or share your information with outside parties. The information which we do collect from our clients is used for billing and administrative purposes only.

Security measures are in place to protect against loss, alteration, or misuse of data collected. Clients are responsible for ensuring that only they or their authorized designees utilize their accounts. Suspected incidents of unauthorized use of a client account should be reported immediately to our abuse department at [email protected] for attention.

This web site may contain links to resources outside the DV Host web site. DV Host is not responsible for the content of those sites.

Terms of Service

We strive to provide the best possible service to all customers, but we will not tolerate any unlawful activity or abuse of our services. These brief guidelines are here to protect you, other DV Host customers and us against such harm.

Payment Policies

Full payment is required before any hosting service is rendered, which includes renewals. All payment-due notices will be sent by electronic mail. No bills or invoices will be sent by postal mail or fax. Payment is due each anniversary following the date the account was established. Billing will continue until you cancel your account. You may cancel at any time. All monetary transactions are in USD (United States Dollars). Additional features can be added at any time. Monthly feature prices are not prorated.

Account Cancellation

You may cancel at any time. Notification of cancellation must be faxed to (586) 261-9749 at least 24 hours prior to your cycle date, with the cycle date being the day of the month you signed up, in order to avoid charges in full for the next cycle. If the client has a balance due at the time of cancellation, this balance must be paid in full. Cancellation does not absolve clients of any outstanding financial obligations.

Indemnification Policy

You agree to use all of DV Host services and facilities at your own risk. DV Host specifically disclaims all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Unsolicited Mail Policy

We prohibit sending unsolicited mail messages, including but not limited to "spam", "junk mail" and "usenet cross-posting", the linking to web space provided by DV Host from such messages, and the promotion of software with the primary purpose of transmitting unsolicited messages. We reserve the right to suspend sites found to be in breach of this policy without notice.

Content Policy

All services provided by DV Host may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data or material in violation of any United States Federal, State or City law is prohibited. The subscriber agrees to indemnify and hold harmless DV Host from any claims resulting from the use of the service that damages the subscriber or any other party. DV Host will be the sole arbiter in determining violations of this provision. Prohibited are sites that promote any illegal activity or present content that may be damaging to DV Host servers or any other server on the internet. Links to such materials are also prohibited. Examples of unacceptable content or links:
• Pirated software and "warez" websites
• Hacker programs or archives

CGI Scripts Policy

Each account comes with its own CGI-BIN. You are free to use any CGI scripts you wish, however we reserve the right to disable any CGI script that affects normal server operation or service to other DV Host customers.


Full off-server backups are made daily and weekly. No guarantees are made of any kind, either expressed or implied, as to the integrity of these backups. Backups are made for server restoration purposes only. It is the clients responsibility to maintain local copies of their web content. The "Backup Manager" is included in each hosting plan, and you can use this tool to backup your files.

DV Host reserves the right to update this policy from time to time.

Thank you.